Lighting Design & Consulting

Great Lighting Does Not Happen By Chance

This is why we are here to help guide home owners and designers to ensure we get the best outcome, whether it is interior or landscape lighting. 

At Allera, we take a considered approach to ensure light is where you need it to be, whilst enhancing the mood and atmosphere of the space. A thoughtful lighting design is woven into the architecture in such a way that it is only noticed in its absence.

Our Architectural Lighting Design Process

Architectural Lighting Design Service

Are you building or renovating in South Australia? Let us help you to illuminate the spaces in which you spend your most treasured times.

With an understanding of how spaces will be utilised, Allera can help to enhance the atmosphere, draw attention to our valued possessions, and create calmness as the day comes to a close. 

Understanding Your Space

To get the best out of the consultation, we recommend sending through any architectural plans, elevations, sections, joinery plans, 3D renders, colour selections, furniture layouts and site plans as early as possible. Pinterest boards and/or photos of styling can also help our team understand your vision for the space, and can be very helpful - especially when it comes to decorative lighting. We recommend you allow 2 hours for the initial in-store consultation so we can ensure we have covered all bases to create a space you’ll love. 

For the first part of the consultation, we will take time to understand the intended purpose of your space and how you want the space to feel. Who will be living in the home? How will each room be utilised? 

Enhancing With Light

Once we’re across this, we can go through and map out where light needs to be, and where we can add layers of light to enhance mood and usability of the spaces. 

Choosing Your Lighting Products

Finally, we look at product selection. With many local and European brands behind us, our team can guide you to really make the space your own. Our showroom also has an extensive range on display to allow you to touch, feel and see how each of the lights would work in application. 

From Concept to Reality

After the consultation, we will prepare a full lighting concept plan and quotation. Often, a follow-up meeting is perfect to then refine sections and answer any questions. 

Click here to enquire about costing and bookings.

 Landscape Lighting Design Service 

 At Allera, we’re passionate about showcasing your garden in the best light, so you can enjoy it all year round. For some, the need for light is purely a sense of safety, and for others it opens their space to creating striking features and a feeling of connection to the surrounding environment. To appreciate light, you do need a balance of darkness. Getting that balance right is what we, at Allera, are here to help you with. 

For landscape lighting design we offer 3 consultation options:

Online Consulations

Through phone and email. This is ideal if you aren’t able to make it into our Kent Town showroom, or you just need some quick help and have plans and photos you can send through. 

Instore Consultations

If you are nearby then come into the showroom with photos and/or plans, and we can go through your needs and put together a plan.

Onsite Consolations

For those more complex gardens or landscapes, one of our team can meet you onsite. This is particularly useful when we are looking at established gardens where landscape plans may be a little outdated. 

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