Norwood | Sheldon St

Norwood | Sheldon St

Elevating the living experience through sustainable design.

Set in the vibrant neighbourhood of Norwood, Adelaide, Sheldon St home comes together through a sophisticated fusion of contemporary architecture and sustainable design. Functionally designed, the home leaves no space redundant while harnessing the integral connection with nature and infusing comfort through every meticulous detail.

Enabling the desired essence of the house is the thematic play expressing the juxtaposing nature
of colours, materials, shade and light. This contrast is noticeably prominent from as early as passing through the entrance threshold, creating a sense of coherence in design and ensuring that each space feels as luxurious as the next.

To adequately explain architect Alan Cooper's design intention, perhaps the best examples are found in the living area and kitchen space. It is where the light tones of natural timber and marble in the floor and furniture are positioned side by side with the dark joinery to encapsulate class and elegance.

Heat is the first and foremost consideration when designing this sustainable home. Specifically, fixed canopies were developed on both the building's front and back to minimise unwanted solar thermal gains during summer. At the same time, high windows were installed alongside adjacent hallways for cross-flow ventilation and air circulation. A pool was placed next to the deck as it makes the perfect outdoor space to hang out and escape the summer heat.

The stone walls' natural texture and irregularity enhance the living area's visual dynamic, accentuating its energetic atmosphere. The walls seamlessly transit the living room to the kitchen and dining spaces, where textured black decors and furniture are placed as counterpoints. Though varied in each section, the textures synthesise and extrude an exquisite sense
of space.

When discussing contemporary home design, natural lighting and its harmonic balance with artificial light come without saying. Sheldon St home sees a synthesis of lighting layers coming to life. The lighting scheme adds depth to the space and highlights much of the interior through the expert arrangements of decorative luminaire and architectural fixtures. Throughout the home, a comfortable atmosphere is achieved effortlessly.

As part of the design brief, each architectural decision was mapped out to maximise the impact of natural light. As a result, the home utilises floor-to- ceiling windows and skylights to always welcome a generous amount of sunlight throughout the day.

Designer | Finesse Built

Builder | Finesse Built

Landscape Architect | Alison Gardiner Landscapes

Garden Maintenance | Prestigious Gardens

Electrical | TMD Electrical

Photographer | Sam Noonan

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I couldn’t be happier and absolutely love these guy. They were amazing and did the lighting design for my front yard for free, I later bought all the lights and I couldn’t be happier !!!!! I’m in Sydney and they were sooooooo easy to deal with. I wish all companies were this great! Thanks to all the team there !!!! Love your work and will be working with them again in a few months for my back yard . If you are in the market for outdoor lighting then you really can’t go past these guys !!!!!

Daniel Anker

I have been working with Troy and the team for the past 3 plus years, I have found LED outdoor to be very client and solution focused which makes for a easy smooth transaction, my expectations have been exceeded every time with excellent service and product knowledge Huge range of quality products with lots of different applications. Highly recommended!

Brendan M

The team at Allera are phenomenal, I’m an electrician and have used them many times and will continue to use them in the future. Their products are second to none and they are so helpful and guiding you in the right direction in light choices. The respond extremely quick to all my emails and are just genuinely good people! 5 stars doesn’t do them justice they are 10/10!

Blake Hoile

Excellent service and products! Troy is such a nice person to work with - he responded right away and was happy to address all my questions (really sounded happy)! We hired an electrician to install the light - note they only work on military grade products. And they too were very impressed with the lights we purchased. Excellent quality for a reasonable price.

Michelle Jean Sia

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