Luna Flex Top RGBW - Dotless Weatherproof LED Strip Light

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Interested in adding a bit of colour to your space ?

We pride ourselves on delivering only the best quality and workmanship with our LED Strip Lighting. Built for all weather conditions, the strip is encased in a diffused polyurethane, achieving a consistent dotless line of light. Colour changing capabilities allow you to take control of the scene by adding in a bit of drama or emphasising the bolder colours of nature. The benefit of having RGBW (Red, Green Blue, Warm White - 3000K) is when you want to switch back to a more softer palette, you can turn off the colour and simply highlight your space with beautiful warm white light. Our easy hand held Wave Remote Control gives you the flexibility to fade/strobe/or set the colour to any mood you want to create at the touch of a button.

Best mounted in one of our Luna aluminium channels that can be either screwed into timber or siliconed under coping, the channel allows for good heat dissipation, clean straight lines and ease of maintenance. We also offer clients flexible extrusion for those looking to achieve bends in their designs.

The Luna Flex RGBW Side Emitting or Top Emitting is stocked in 4m rolls with dual cable entry that gives you the opportunity to cut and re-use the other portion of your strip without the need to re-wire. Cuts can be made every 100mm on the cut lines indicated at the back of the strip, but this does bring the outdoor rating down to IP65.

Custom factory lengths of single colour or RGB are available upon request, but may be subject to minimum quantity orders.

Colour Changing Control Options

- Wave RGBW Remote + Wave Receiver System

- Casambi Bluetooth Mesh - Smart Phone App

LUNA TOP - Radiates light sidewards when positioned in a circle on a table

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24V DC (LED Driver Sold Separately)




Indoor | Outdoor | Coastal


Finish Colour


Colour Temperature

Red | Green | Blue | Warm White 3000K


Colour Deviation

Lumen Output

LED Type

Built In

Beam Angle



Expected Lifetime

50,000 Hours


3 Years

IP Rating


Cutout Size

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