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Lighting Palm Trees

Palm Trees often make a natural focal point to any garden. Their height, textured trunks and wide leaves can be effectively up lit using our LED garden spikes or inground uplights to produce dramatic effects that draw your eye in their direction. We prefer to use our Lotus 5W LED spike light or the Willow 11.5W LED spike light, depending on the height and intensity required, positioned reasonably close to the tree trunk. The spike feature offers flexibility to reposition the light to get the perfect effect, whereas the inground lights offer greater security when used in public spaces. Nature has already created the beauty so we would always recommend using Warm White LED light to enhance plants, but if it's eye popping colour your after then we also have our RGB (colour changing) lights for all you crazy cats.

Lighting Gum Trees

The Australian Gum with all its twisted and rugged beauty can often be incredibly gorgeous  when lit up. No two trees are the same, its like every Gum Tree has its own personality and when we light them with our spike lights they truely come to life. To get a good show from your Gum Tree we recommend using our Willow 11.5W LED spike lights, sometimes a few lights are needed to capture the size and angles of the tree. For the really big beauties of 20+ metres in height we have our Karri 20W Spotlight which is sure to make an impressive impact. If you feel more comfortable seeing these lights for yourself talk to us about arranging some samples.


Lighting Silver Birch Trees

Known for their beautiful white spotted trunks and fine delicate foliage, the Silver Birch Tree and its fellow family members are great at reflecting the light. Uplighting these trees generally only requires a single 3W LED Firefly spike light as its important not to over light its fine features. Quite often Silver Birch Trees will be underplanted with agapanthus or low shrubs so if required we can adapt this small spike onto a raised pole to allow the light still to be hidden but not covered over by plants below. Contact us if this is an issue you are having in your current garden.

Lighting Bamboo

Bamboo offers a great textural element into landscaped gardens and is often incorporated into a more tranquil structured setting. Soft lighting is the key when accentuating these beautiful plants and our 3W spike lights can create the perfect ambiance. The key with soft lighting is to balance out the light somewhere else in the garden so that your not just concentrating on the one lit up spot. When everything else is dark and you just have one thing lit up, even a soft light will feel more intense.


Lighting Dragon Trees


Architectural in design, these Dragon Trees create striking focal points in minimalistic styled gardens that just crave to be up lit. Just look at the lovely shadows that are produced when they are lit next to a wall, it all adds to the drama and texture in a well designed landscape. We recommend using our Lotus 5W LED spike light for instant impact.

Lighting Pittosporum

Very popular in many gardens these days as a hedging plant, Pittosporums are great at allowing light to penetrate easily through the leaves to create a gentle wash over the majority of the plant. Our little Firefly 3W spike light is perfect for doing the job as they are discreet and very energy efficient, whilst still providing a powerful punch. Ideally when highlighting hedging types of plants its important to leave about 100-150mm gap between the edge of the plants and any paving to allow the light fitting room to spread its light. This space can be still filled in with ground covers to finish off the garden and help hide the light source.

Lighting Native Grasses

Native grasses are a great plant to light as their fine strands diffuse and glow in the light creating a different element in a landscaped garden. There are a few ways to light these plants as there are many varieties, all with different characteristics, but in most gardens we've worked on the Bilby bronze LED path light has been the most successful. Commonly used as a border plant along pathways, the indirect light from the Bilby washes not just through the grasses but also along the path itself, guiding people safely through the area. Its simple design complements so many gardens, and the bronze finish is durable and discreet unlike a stainless steel bollard. If its more of a contemporary design your working with then the Sophia LED Path Light might be just the fixture. Available in either high grade Silver Anodised Aluminium or Powder coated Black, this slim and elegant path light produces an incredible wash of light that can easily be hidden amongst grasses.