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Since 2012 LED Outdoor has been bringing warm light to many wonderful projects here in Adelaide and across the country. 10 fun filled years have past and we have evolved. Not only are we your dedicated landscape lighting specialists, we now incorporate that same feeling inside, and to better reflect this we’ve rebranded ourselves as Allera Light.

Allera came from a play on the word Allure. We wanted a name that created an emotional connection and emphasised that it’s not just lights that we sell, it’s what we create with that light that matters. Lighting is such an important element as it affects the way we feel and look at a space.

Unios' HQ in Perth

Our introduction into the architectural realm of the business started back in 2016 when we were introduced to Unios (previously Premium Lighting) by a friend. They were a much smaller company back then, but their passion, quality of fixtures and service have always been second to none. Like us, their range has continued to evolve and inspire and we couldn’t be prouder than to be their preferred distributor here in South Australia. To check out their achievements see:

KODA Showroom in Sydney

In 2020 we partnered with KODA lighting out of Sydney to take on the distribution of their stunning European collection. These brands  include VIBIA and Arkos out of Barcelona, RBW out of New York and Occhio out of Germany. This expanded our selection to incorporate a more decorative element to our range, which was something that we never thought we’d endeavour but has allowed us to get fully immersed in the whole build.

Its all about the mood with this Occhio Floor Lamp

At the heart of it all, our passion for creating "feel good spaces" is what we endeavour to do every day. Offering the best quality products, sound technical support and a friendly face whenever you drop in or call us on the phone.

Rest assured we are still the same people at the same location at Kent Town, just with a bright new name!

Our Allera crew