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Have you considered using bollard lighting at your home? Many people think that bollards are more of an industrial type of light seen in public spaces like car parks, schools and parks, but they can also provide a good lighting solution in residential spaces too when used in the right space.

In the past it's been very hard to find bollards that aren't mains/240V which requires replacing existing fittings or a lot of underground work which can be costly (little lone the fitting). With an ever growing field of talented landscape designers and architects here in Australia, the lighting industry has shifted and brought to the table some truely beautiful lights.

Castell Bollard at Golding Wines

New to our range this Spring is our gorgeous Evio Bollard from Unios. We've worked together to create a 24V DC range of bollard lighting that is opening up opportunities for landscapers, allowing them to install good practical lighting for clients driveways and large open areas. The 24V Evio is currently in a 600mm height with either a single or twin directional head. To make installation even easier there is an option to attach a sturdy spike to the base so you don't need to create a concrete pad, that option is also available though for those who require it.


Our Castell 24V bollards have been on the scene for a while now and have proven popular in some of our beautiful wineries and caravan parks as well as homes around Adelaide. At 900mm in height their larger appearance makes them ideal for bordering carpark areas or long driveways. A recent job that we were proud to be part of was supplying these lights into the gorgeous Ukaria in Mt Barker.


​For a more subtle effect or front yards where a lower bollard height may be more effective our Hunza 300mm bollard light is a keen player. We find that these little guys are good for smaller courtyards and front yards where lower plantings and pathways need illumination. Hunza have a long standing reputation in the industry as a supplier of high quality fittings, and their range gives us some wonderful choices in low voltage path lights in various finishes.

Contemporary 240V Bollard Lights

If you're looking at replacing some existing bollards lights then more than likely you'll find that they are 240V. There are a few options that we recommend for this application and its not all just about the looks :-P


Castell LED Bollard


Concord LED Bollard


Evio LED Bollard

​All three styles are available in both the 600mm and 900mm heights in our 240V range. As mentioned above, the Evio and the Castell bollards also come in low voltage but in one size only.

Helpful tips when researching LED bollard lights:

1) Trying to provide practical lighting that doesn't create glare is big on our hit list. Look for bollards in which you're not staring at the light source. In our 3 main designs the LED chips are never seen, rather they use reflected textured surfaces or are positioned where the eye can not see them.

2) Stainless Steel and LED's are not the best of friends. To create longevity for LED globes or dedicated fittings the best materials that allow the chips to release their heat is Brass, Copper or Aluminium. Stainless Steel holds heat in and is generally only found used effectively for pond lights or on the face of inground lights.

3) Consider the colour of the light. 4000K is a cool white light and is practical around hospitals and industrial areas. 3000K is what we classify as warm white light although its not as golden as what an old incandescent globe used to be. Warm white light is a lot more gentler on the eye creating comfort at night and its what we supply throughout our work whether it be a residential home, winery or carpark.

To conclude, don't be afraid to consider adding in some bollard lighting into your next design. Think about how much light you are trying to achieve, where the spread of light is going (so we don't create light pollution) and don't choose a fitting that will produce glare into people's eyes.

If you ned to talk over your ideas we are here to help. Send through photo's and give us a call and we'll gladly steer you in the right direction.

​Until next time, keep enjoying the outdoors!