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Achieving Balance with Outdoor Lighting

Lillie Path Light

Don’t we all strive for balance in our lives? Well, it is super important for our garden lighting too! We often look to ensure we have balance from left to right and back to front as we are keen to showcase the expanse of the ever shrinking back yard.

However, have you considered vertical balance - uplighting and downlighting? Unfortunately, we often see amazing gardens with only uplighting, leaving a handful of beautifully lit trees floating in a sea of darkness. This can end up looking a little eerie and unsettling!

Never fear, we’re here to help - and there are ways this can be fixed:

  • Path lighting like the Ginko is perfect for safely lighting the way without any annoying glare
  • Wash Lights like the Lillie (see image above) provide a beautiful soft glow at night, while going incognito during the day
  • Strip lighting under benches or steps
  • Low step lights positioned on raised gardens or walling

What is Layering in Lighting?

Just like we do with plants, layering light helps to add depth and interest in our landscape designs. Ideally, we want the brightest light furthest away, as this draws the eye out and helps define the space. The second brightest should be our features - favourite trees, sculptures or water fountains. In between, it is desirable just to have soft lighting. This could be anything from path lighting to step lights, strip, or other forms of low level lighting.

Remember - not everything needs to be lit, as we can’t appreciate the light without the dark!