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When it comes to lighting your garden you really don't want to see the light if you can help it. But when you do see it, you want it to compliment the style of your surroundings, offer a good amount of light and not cause any glare that creates discomfort. Upon listening to our clients we are super excited to announce our newest range of garden lighting that really focuses on these key elements.

BANKSEY- Spike Light

Driven by our ambition for something extraordinary, we designed the Banksey with versatility in mind. This unique slimline spike spotlight can be directed laterally to provide a beautiful wide wash over low plantings or pathways. Alternatively tilt the hood up to illuminate walls or hedging with the upmost grace.  

The discreet nature and earthy bronze finish has made it a new favourite amongst landscapers and designers alike. Made from brass, this fitting will age elegantly over time providing excellent light control and ensuring  a beautiful ambience without the glare.

SAFFIRE - Step Light

Our beautifully designed Saffire Step Light is smaller than a credit card! Its compact size has been cleverly crafted to withstand the elements and enhance its surrounds. The elegant curves and slim profile create a timeless style, whilst the efficient 1W LED hides neatly away to prevent any glare. The unique central panel discreetly hides all the mounting and connection points, resulting in the ideal luminaire for steps, low walls, pillars, or entry gates. Perfect lighting for inside or outside.

FLORENCE - Festoon Lighting


Capturing the romance and magic that decorative lighting can bring to a space, our Florence festoon lighting sets the scene with a gentle golden warm white glow. Perfect for permanent exterior installations in commercial or residential settings, the 10 metre cable lengths can be easily cut down or connected together to form longer runs. 1W globes are spaced every 50cm, specifically designed in clear polycarbonate for safety. The Florence is popular for use in public spaces, cafes, pubs, wineries, and residential entertaining areas. To offer our clients complete piece of mind we also offer custom festoon globe spacing and lengths - available upon request for large orders.

STIK - Path Light

Simple elegant lines with the benefit of an adjustable head makes our Stik Path Light a gorgeous addition into any landscaped garden. The natural warmth of copper and brass will age gracefully over time to blend into its surrounds. It is best positioned along pathways, driveways and alongside steps.


SPARKKLE- Outdoor Pendant

Like the magic of a clear starry night, the Sparkkle Outdoor Pendant will enchant your garden with a firefly-like illumination. The dedicated warm white LED will ensure that you won’t be changing over globes from a hard-to-reach location. The black powder-coated finish will blend effortlessly into its surrounds. Suspend your pendant from tree branches or outdoor structures and allow this feature to add ambience and a little Sparkkle to your garden.