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Let the golden warm glow from our Florence festoon lights allow you to add a bit of fun and mood to your outdoor space. The commercially rated weatherproof festoon lights offer a durable lighting solution that can be left up year round. Purposely designed with 1W safe clear polycarbonate globes spaced every 50cm, you can be assured that these 24V low voltage lights will handle the task at hand.

Some benefits of festoon lighting include:

  1. Atmosphere: Festoon lights create an instant warm and inviting atmosphere to any space whether that be indoors or out. The simplicity of the festoon is what makes it such a classic and timeless element. The amount of light that the Festoon produces is almost perfect, hang them up in your garden or patio for a warm and intimate feel for outdoor entertaining. Alternatively hang them inside, down a wall or over a bed head to create a stylish and modern interior look.
  2. Safe and long lifespan: Our Festoon lights run on a 24V low voltage system making them very safe and easy to install. 1 Watt globes are spaced every 50cm and have been specifically designed in clear polycarbonate for safety. Designed with heavy duty self-leveling cable and waterproof connectors on both ends these lights are built to withstand all weather conditions from heavy rain to the harsh summer sun.
  3. Easy to install: The globes very easily screw into the long rubber cable. The fixture is very flexible and enable you to put them wherever you want and whenever you want them up. Perfect for inside or outside, front or back garden all that is required is a few attachment points such as trees, balconies, roofs, etc.
  4. Suitable for any occasion: Perfect for permanent exterior installations, our Florence Festoon is available per metre so you only need to pay for what you need. The Festoon lights have become very popular for use in public spaces, interiors, cafes, pubs, wineries, restaurants and residential areas.

- A support cable is required for cable runs over 10m.
- To avoid voltage drop do not exceed 50m in one continuous run.

Please fell free to contact us for more details.