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Whether you’re relaxing in the tub after a long day at work, getting ready for a night with the girls, or just brushing your teeth, you need the perfect bathroom ambience. So where do you begin? With lighting, of course!

To get the ultimate in bathroom lighting, we need 3 things...

Designed By I Grieve Gillet Architects I Built By I Evoque HomesPhotos By I Christopher Morrison I Products Featured: Eclipse GS10, Orb Wall Light

Types of Bathroom Task Lighting

When it comes to make-up or shaving, we need to ensure the light is on your face. Putting a downlight straight above you will only cast a devilish shadow, making you look twenty years older!

To get good lighting on your face, it’s all about getting that light between you and the mirror. Here are some simple ways to do this:

  • Strip lighting recessed into the mirror
  • Wall vanity lights, shining light directly towards your face
  • Adjustable downlights, angled towards the mirror. Positioning the lights further back and angling the light to hit the mirror, creates a horizontal illumination, which helps to chase those shadows away.

Built By I Samalex I Products Featured: Switch Downlight

How Do I Add Mood Lighting To My Bathroom?

We don’t always need the bathroom lit like Adelaide Oval! Whether you are taking a bath or brushing your teeth, some things are better done in lower light.

We love to add mood lighting to our bathrooms, and this can be done in a variety of clever ways:

  • A feature wall light or pendant (dimmable of course)
  • Recessed strip lighting in a shower niche or under the vanity
  • Small recessed downlights to wash your beautiful tiles.
Built By I BT Construct I Photos By I Jenah PiwanskiDesigned By I Mountford Williamson Architecture I Products Featured: Titanium Semi Recessed Micro Downlight, Palma Pendant

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Why is Night Lighting in a Bathroom Important?

If you (like many of us) need a sneaky wee in the middle of the night, the last thing you or your children want is to be blinded by a blaze of light! Or - even worse - have them miss the target because they’re in the dark.

Here are a couple of ways to fix this problem:

  • A small, low level wall light like the Orbit or Zenith. At 1W you could leave them on all the time or pop them on a sensor to provide a soft glow.
  • Recessed strip lighting to softly wash the room
  • Utilise a small garden light outside your bathroom to run all night. The glow from a little 3W Firefly spotlight is more than enough for you to safely navigate the throne.

Built By I Craig Linke Bespoke Building I Photos By I Christopher Morrison I Products Featured I CB20 Surface Mounted Strip, RBW Dimple Wall Sconce