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Summer is a busy time of the year when there is an abundant number of great looking homes on the market. For those properties looking for top dollar it's not unusual for a stylist to come through and stage the home, but have you considered how much of an impact garden lighting can make to a place?


​We live in the Adelaide Hills and we love looking at properties. Online the images are what capture you first and you can really sell yourself on a property through those photos before you even enter the front door. Many real estate agents aren't just selling you "a house" they are selling you a lifestyle. Creating a welcoming home that feels safe through the use of well positioned lights offers a sense of relaxation and allows the surrounding landscape to be taken in with the home. Lighting up features alongs the edges of the boundary will help open up a space, and low level lighting washing over or along the ground will create balance to the eye and assist with a feeling of security.


Useful areas to add in some light:

  • Entry gate
  • Driveways - if possible*
  • Pathways
  • Large Feature Tree/s
  • Around Pool Areas incl. seating area
  • Entertaining areas
  • Fire Pit areas

What lights do I choose* Getting cable access to the far side of a driveway may not be an easy process. Sometimes it may be possible to gain access from the garage.

Is garden lighting expensive?

As with all property investing it's about getting the right balance between adding value to your home whilst not over capitalising. If you're feeling handy it is possible to save some money through the installation process by doing it yourself. If choosing this option we do suggest you be considerate to the next homeowner and detail where cabling is running and where they can find the driver. If getting in a trades person maybe leave the next owners the details of who has installed the lights as if something does go wrong or more needs to be added, it can be done with least amount of hassle.

The important thing is that if you don't have any lighting currently in your garden you don't need to go over board. All homes will already have their front door lit so it's just a matter of focusing on a few key points as mentioned above that will create the most impact. If you find yourself stumped of where to start please get in contact with us to guide you through the process.