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Codex Wall Light

This light has been specifically designed for reading. Its adjustability makes the fixture very practical and creates a comfortable environment. The smart design also allows it to be tucked away neatly when not being used. The fixture features 3-step touch dimming and adjustable swivel making it suitable for reading and producing soft accent lighting at night. The fitting is available in black and white.


Tourmaline Wall Light

This simple square design featuring rounded edges creates a softer feel while still keeping with the square shaped design. Throwing light up and down they deliver a warm wash of light, which can be taken a step further with a gold inset finish. This fitting can be custom powder coated making them suitable for any application. These are perfect for creating soft light, suitable for bedrooms at night when you don't want a bright downlight.


Titanium Starlight Pendant

Slim design and a simple canister shape create a perfect solution for the modern world of architecture. This design offers little glare due to its deep recessed design and comes in 4 different lengths. The Titanium Starlight Pendant is perfect for creating ambient light, well and truely suitable for a bed side table as well as a nice aesthetic element to add to a space.


Particle Micro Downlight

​Perhaps something on the wall or hanging from the ceiling is not for you? The particle downlight is the perfect solution for a discreet application. Due to the design we are able to achieve minimal light spill, a sharper beam and very little glare. With its deep- recessed design in combination with lens technology, this downlight minimises glare to create the most comfortable environment for occupants. The inner fascia is only available in black and is deeply recessed to further control the glare and beam control. The micro fitting is just 2W with beam angles ranging from 15 to 34 degrees making it a versatile range.


We have all of these fixtures on display in our showroom. Please pop in for a coffee and one of our lovely staff members will happily show you these fittings!