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Creating comfort with the right light

When designing a space with light you can't go past adding in wall lights to add atmosphere and interest. The importance of washing light on to walls rather than straight down onto the floor is what we try to encourage in a lot of our designs. Reflected or indirect light is all about the comfort we can achieve when we don't fill the entire area with light, just where we need it. LED downlights still play a large role in our lighting designs, but we get more creative where we can illuminating surfaces with wall lights as well as surface mounted LED downlights, recessed step lights and LED strip lighting. We also love floor lamps and table lamps to again add that mood and illuminance into a space.

Uplighting ceilings & walls

1. Vespa Wall Light                                                     2. Kinetic Surface Mounted Downlight                   3. Axis Surface Mounted Downlight

1. The Vespa Wall Light is the perfect uplighter to highlight walls and ceilings creating  a wide even wash to reflect light into an area. Popular in architectural homes because of its minimalist styling, the warm white LED provides a feeling of comfort and ambience into bedrooms and living rooms.

2. The Kintetic Surface Mounted Downlight is one of our favourite versatile lights as it can utilised as an architectural LED downlight or a wall light. The lower portion angles out to 90 degrees and then for even more flexibility it can rotate 350 degrees, which is superb on angled ceilings.

3. The Axis Surface Mounted Downlight is IP65 rated which makes it fit into almost any situation, inside or out. The 26W version of this light is a little bulky but with a wide beam angle can reach some pretty high pitched ceilings. Our 15W Axis light is probably the best seller as it packs a great light output in a sleek designed body.

Inspiring wall lights @ LED Outdoor + Architectural

It's wonderful to hear peoples reactions when they step into our showroom and get excited about lighting. Simplicity is the key and our range of LED wall lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor making these super versatile (even for beach front applications!). This is a   selection of our wall lights from UNIOS who create beautiful light fittings that don't only look good but are solid in construction and functionality.

​Lighting Consultation

If you're in the process of building or renovating please check out our great showroom (and great coffee :-) when in Adelaide. If you are interstate we are still more than happy to assist with lighting plans and layouts for a small consultation fee.